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Why get a massage?: Re post from Fleet Feet's Ton of Fun

I am honored to be a part of this year's Ton of Fun training group hosted at Fleet Feet in Monterey. For 8 weeks a dedicated group of people learn healthy life habits to set them up to be more active, eat healthy and build a community of like minded people. I am joining them along the way as a resource and community partner. This week's topic is call Relax and Release: Stress Management. The presentation will focus on what throws us off balance, and what we can do to counterbalance those stresses. One thing I think works very well is massage! I wanted to keep the scope of the presentation broad and all inclusive, and use this space to dive into the benefits and reasons why massage should be a part of your life routine. If you would like to see the other week's topics, check them out here.

Week 5: Relax and Release: Stress Management

I’m not going to tiptoe around the fact that you can live a long and happy and healthy life and never get a massage. Eating healthy, exercising and practicing good mental health will always have long reaching positive impacts on your life.

That however, does not mean that massage isn’t useful or beneficial.

If you are overworked, not sleeping well, and have headaches from stress, massage can be helpful. If you are training for a race and the foam roller is not making the cut for those calves and quads, massage can be helpful. And what about that stiffness and soreness from the recovery and PT post surgery? Massage may help there too.

The application for massage extends well beyond relaxation. And a good massage therapist will help cater each session to what you need. I chose to name my business Counterbalance Bodywork for that reason. The definition of counterbalance is:

A factor having the opposite effect to that of another
and so preventing it from exercising a disproportionate influence.

I use massage to counterbalance those factors pulling you off balance. Each session I give is different. Some clients come in needing to relax and check out of life for a while. We will focus on relaxation, and I will give a more Swedish, calming massage. I have minimal communication to allow the client to focus on the strokes of the massage and let their mind and body relax.

Then the next time, perhaps they have some soreness in their hips and glutes from a hard week of hill work. I incorporate some stretching and look for imbalances in range of motion. I also work into the deeper muscles to help release tension. This session involves the client and I to have more communication as we work through their range of motion to make sure they are not being over or under stretched.

I love being a massage therapist because it gives me the opportunity to make a positive change in people’s lives. I also get a lot of fulfillment in seeing someone benefit over and over again from their sessions with me. It is fun and challenging to greet each session with openness to tailor it to just what the client needs.

Now, are you curious about massage?

Are you interested in receiving a massage from me?

If so, I invite you to book a massage!

If you are a member of the Fleet Feet Training Crew, or are thinking of it, I offer massage packages for the 8 and 10 weeks training. It is a amazing deal and way to bring massage into your routine for two months. Give me a call if you are interested! My contact info is here.

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